The Bright Side Of Life , will be opening second hand shops, selling all goods at very low prices and a donation of a £1 will go to a Charity Of your Choice from our boxes provided. Ring for details

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Friendly low cost waste collectors

At The Bright Side Of Life we are concerned with the management of waste, from its inception to its final disposal and recycling. The process involves the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, as well as the recycling process. We deal with all kinds of industrial and household waste. We are determined to find and develop solutions that keep harmful and dangerous waste out of your homes and the local environment. We are volunteers who collect all your household waste, garden waste, general waste, furniture, white goods, we also collect hardcore & building materials from companies that need there waste collected from clients homes. We believe that everything has a purpose & if we can will turn unwanted waste into desirable furniture & clean all unwanted toys & repair the items so we can donate to charities, give to people in need and to support people in need. We also sell items at a low cost to donate money for charity & the running of our business. We collect white goods, Electrical appliances, bikes, Children’s toys, Clothes, garden furniture, household furniture, animal accessories & food. We try to keep our cost down by recycling your unwanted goods & so in return we don’t charge extreme prices for collection. We also collect furniture for you & deliver to your destination. We try to work with our customers on prices so we are all happy. Our passion about our Job is to give back to people who are struggling being mental health, physical health, single parents, families on low income, families struggling to maintain there garden and house. Housing tenants in need of support with garden clean up or house cleans. Our company is located in Wiltshire but we travel all over. Please ring for details of your location as prices vary depending on your location. We can be contacted by dialling 07716785854 We appreciate your kindness in helping us make people happy & hopefully in doing so you are happy. Thank you for all your support.

Household furniture

We collect unwanted furniture, white goods all sorts of unwanted waste ≈ if we can we bring it back to life as we believe that everything has a purpose. If we can’t use the unwanted waste for any reason we dispose of it the correct way by the recycling centres. All furniture, toys, garden furniture, household, clothes we give to people with low income, secure housing, residential housing, schools, charity’s & much more. Please ring if you have any unwanted clothes or items and we can collect. We are very grateful for all kind donations



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5 Reviews

Colin Webb

01 October 2019

01 October


Kate was very helpful great service and price, shame shes so far away as I would use her for many small collections in the Oxford Area as it's going to good cau...
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Jack Norris

28 August 2019

28 August


Delivered brilliantly for me. Offered to help with other items. Friendly and reliable. Highly recommended.

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